The BCT Company was established on 4 July, 2006

Our company slogan: Cyberspace is on your hand.

The BCT Company imports and sells information and communication technologies from United States of America, Finland, Korea and People’s Republic of China.We organize and participate in trade exhibitions for several times very successfully. Our trade Managers and staff pay more attention on providing guaranteed and original products.

Therefore, customers satisfaction is high because of our good services. We have received appreciation form our customers because of providing aftersales services to all customers and all branches have serviceman who can solve any technical issues.

You can find the following listed products which are world’s famous brands of Dell, Sony, HP, Apple, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu, Siemens, Gateway, Samsung, Epson, and Xerox from any of our branch stores.

– Personal computers

– Laptops

– Printers

– Copiers


– Network devices

– Accessories

We cooperate and sell products to Mongolian Companies such as Oyu-Tolgoi project, Tavan Bogd corporation, Tsast Group, Jur Ur Co.Ltd and M-Oil Group.

Company future perspective:

Our Company with the slogan “Cyberspace with your hands” aims to be one of top five companies, to produce some computer components domestically and to be a professional computer company in Mongolia.